Year of Production:
US Distributor:
UK Distributor:
Artificial Eye/Curzon
Country of Origin:
Running Time:
117 mins.
David Gordon Green
Nicolas Cage, Tye Sheridan
Lisa Muskat, Worldview Entertainment

DoP: Tim Orr

Costume Designer: Jill Newell

Joe Ransom drinks hard and lives tough. His daily routines provide glimpses of a failed marriage, abandoned children and relations that often do not resemble romance.

Despite his irresponsibility, Joe works around the clock and has a sleepy charm about him. We meet him as he takes on the job of clearing a forest of trees one by one.

During his time in this forest Joe comes across a 15-year-old, Gary and his recklessly alcoholic father, Wade. Gary is a boy who is at that age where he can grow “good” if he just escapes his father’s abusive grasp. Joe takes him on as a worker and the two prove to be kindred spirits.

Together they navigate this gritty world of characters. Lonely nights, hard sweaty work, first time beers and drunken men with shotguns are the ingredients in this Southern tale of redemption. Joe is the story of the last hold-out of the cowboy age, when it was okay to shoot up a bar room or tell a lady what to do.

Based on the novel by Larry Brown

The director behind Pineapple Express, All the Real Girls, and Joe dishes out a creative manifesto


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A Coppola. An Oscar Winner. An Action Hero. From Bad Lieutenant to Big Daddy, Nicolas Cage's 32 years Hollywood career has been weird on top and wild underneath. But as latest movie Joe shows, he hasn't given up risk taking.

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28 April, 2014 | By Kathryn Bromwich

Artificial Eye has set the UK release date for David Gordon Green’s Joe, starring Nicolas Cage.

UK distributor Artificial Eye has set July 25 as the release date for Joe,...

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By Angela Dawson
April 10, 2014

HOLLYWOOD—No matter what your feelings are towards Nicolas Cage as an actor, you can always expect an interesting, unique, if not utterly outrageous, experience interviewing him. The maverick performer...

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By Charlie Schmidlin
April 9, 2014

The genre-defying film “Joe” presents an unexpected yet engaging blend in its two central collaborators, directorDavid Gordon Green and actor Nicolas Cage. Achieving a stunning handle on tone and...

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Michael Sullivan
Review – 4 out of 4 stars
April 10, 2014

In a career that has lurched from the heights of “Leaving Las Vegas” and “Adaptation” to the depths of “Ghost Rider” and “The Wicker Man,” Nicolas Cage delivers what may...

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By Stephen Holden – CRITICS' PICK.
10 April, 2014

The most indelible scenes in David Gordon Green’s “Joe,” filmed in the backwoods of Texas, have the fierce clarity of illuminations glimpsed in a lightning flash. In one lingering...

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By Richard Corliss
10 April 2014

The mercurial star plays an exhausted ex-con with a fatherly soul in David Gordon Green's indie drama

Joe Ransom (Nicolas Cage) runs an illegal tree-poisoning operation for a...

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Mar 10, 2014

As a director, David Gordon Green is hard to pin down. He makes small indie films (George Washington, All the Real Girls) and broad comedies (Pineapple Express, Your Highness, the HBO series Eastbound...

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MARCH 11, 2014

In introducing his "Joe" star Nicolas Cage to the stage at a SXSW panel held in the actor's honor, director David Grodon Green called the Oscar-winner a "mysterious and magical man." His words couldn't...

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By Lindsey Bahr on Feb 12, 2014

Nicolas Cage is a force; you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who would deny that. But the prolific actor has been toeing the line of self-parody in the past few decades with his larger-than-life characters...

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One of 21 Best Films Of 2014 We've Already Seen, things have been pretty quiet around "Joe" even after a good festival run last year. But that's about to change; the film is rolling out overseas and the...

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“Sacro GRA,” a documentary filmed by Gianfranco Rosi on Rome’s lengthy ring road, won the Venice Film Festival’s Golden Lion award last night, defeating Stephen Frears’s “Philomena” starring Judi Dench.

“Philomena” -- popular with Venice...

Read more Deputy Editor Michael Leader catches the latest films from David Gordon Green, Ti West and Kelly Reichardt and the debut feature from Gia Coppola, at the Venice Film Festival…

I had my first taste of the David...

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Playing in competition at the 70th Venice Film Festival, David Gordon Green's rural noir Joe (2013) - based on Larry Brown's grit-lit novel - stars Nicolas Cage as Joe Ransom, a man who, in the words of Johnny Cash, "Won't back down". Joe leads a...

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“Joe” unites a pair of talents somewhat on the comeback trail. David Gordon Green’s once-lofty critical reputation – the filmmaker was once lauded as a successor to Terrence Malick – took something of a hit after a left-turn into poorly-received...

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A TORTURED Nicholas Cage captivated audiences at the Venice film festival Friday with his performance as a tormented ex-con who seeks redemption in David Gordon Green's brutal American South drama "Joe".
Cage, who won an Oscar for his...

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The Bottom Line
Nicolas Cage gives one of his most incisively nuanced performances in years in another distinctive film from David Gordon Green.

Nicolas Cage and Tye Sheridan star in David Gordon Green's gritty Southern drama...

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A dark and moody tale of friendship and redemption set against an evocative backdrop of the modern-day Texas, Joe is a strikingly well rounded story of a hot-tempered man trying to deal with his demons and whose attempt to help a down-on-his luck...

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Thanks to his consistent, rote appearances in hokey, terrible films like The Sorcerer's Apprentice and The Wicker Man, Nicolas Cage has been a punchline for years. But with the arrival of Joe, a new David Gordon Green film that debuted at the...

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David Gordon Green’s Joe revolves around a good but flawed man trying to do right but often defeated by his own limitations. The film is based on Larry Brown’s novel of the same title, set in rural Mississippi though Green has shifted the action...

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The 10 Most Anticipated Films Of The 2013 Venice Film Festival

Synopsis: In Mississippi, a young boy befriends an ex-con.

What You Need To Know: Even those who liked all...

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Check out this new first image from David Gordon Green's Southern drama "Joe," starring Nicholas Cage and Tye Sheridan ("Mud"). It is based on the Larry Brown novel of the same title, following an ex-convict (Cage) who tries to be the protector...

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EXCLUSIVE: Deals on new Nicolas Cage drama include a mid-six figure deal with Wild Side for France.
By Andreas Wiseman

WestEnd has seen good traffic on David Gordon Green’s upcoming drama Joe, starring Nicolas Cage...

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by Kevin Jagernauth

While Terrence Malick's "The Tree Of Life" undoubtedly marked the start of the ascent of Jessica Chastain, it also provided a great debut for its young stars, Hunter McCracken and Tye Sheridan. While the former has yet...

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Drama centers on a man who becomes a role model to a 15-year-old
By Dave McNary

Tye Sheridan ("Mud", "Tree of Life") has joined the cast of Worldview Entertainment's drama "Joe," starring Nicolas Cage.


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By Eric Eisenberg

Director David Gordon Green needed a young male actor to star opposite Nicolas Cage in the upcoming drama Joe and it would seem that he has found one. Tye Sheridan, who made his acting debut in Terrence Malick’s The Tree...

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By Jeremy Kay

The youngster starred alongside Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain in Tree of Life and is on board alongside Nicolas Cage. Principal photography is scheduled to start on Oct 31 in Austin, Texas. WestEnd Films is handling...

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The Tree Of Life actor will join the Oscar winner in Joe, the Southern drama directed by David Gordon Green. Tye Sheridan will play Gary Jones, the eldest child in a homeless family headed by an alcoholic father. He and...

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Drama stars Nicolas Cage with David Gordon Green helming

Worldview Entertainment is coming on board to finance and produce David Gordon Green's drama "Joe," starring Nicolas Cage.

Film is written by Gary Hawkins,...

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Worldview Entertainment will finance and produce the David Gordon Green-directed Joe, a Southern drama to star Nicolas Cage. Gary Hawkins adapted from the novel by Larry Brown. Principal photography is scheduled to begin in early November in...

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Worldview Entertainment will finance and produce David Gordon Green’s southern drama, “Joe,” starring Nicolas Cage, the company announced on Friday in Toronto.

“Joe” is being written by Gary Hawkins and is based on the novel of the same...

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Worldwide Entertainment announced today that they will finance and produce director David Gordon Green’s (Pineapple Express) gritty, southern drama Joe. Moreover, Nicolas Cage has been cast in the lead role of Joe, an ex-con who “becomes the...

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Release information

US release
Lionsgate / Roadside
April 11, 2014

French release
Wild Side Films / Le Pacte
April 30, 2014


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