Serial Dater

Comedy | 2017 | US | English

Directed by Jena Friedman

Cast: Imogen Poots, Timothy Simons, John Cho

Producers: Molly Conners, Anders Bard, Amanda Bowers, Jane Oster, Jena Friedman



Jane is a career driven 30-year-old surviving singledom in New York City. Between her unsociable working hours as a forensic pathologist, pressure from her devoutly Jewish mother to find the right man, and a series of fleeting flings, she has yet to commit to a long-term relationship. On her 30th birthday, she decides to do just that.

Enters Ted, AKA the perfect guy. They hit it off. He’s unlike any man she’s been with - he’s sweet, he’s fun, he’s supportive. His lactose intolerance is even kind of cute. Sure, he’s not Jewish, so her mother might not approve, but otherwise he’s a catch. Things escalate and the next thing Jane knows, she’s moving in with him.

Meanwhile, the bodies arriving at the morgue look familiar to Jane, like that rude waiter at the diner where she and Ted first had breakfast, or that mean taxi driver who refused her a ride. When she comes face to face with the body of her landlord who wouldn’t end her tenancy, she starts to wonder if this is just a huge coincidence or if Ted might be hiding something. And if he is… is being in a loving relationship with a serial killer worse than going back to being a single woman in her 30s?