Bullets over Broadway

Crime, Comedy, Woody Allen | 1994 | US | 98 mins | English

Directed by

Woody Allen (Academy Award® nominee)


John Cusack, Dianne Wiest (Academy Award® Winner), Jennifer Tilly, Mary-Louise Parker, Chazz Palmi


Robert Greenhut


Big city mobsters and the Broadway stage collide hilariously in this side-splitting all-star comedy!
John Cusack stars as David Shayne, an idealistic young writer who'll do anything to get his first Broadway play off the ground -- even if it means teaming up with the mob.
Surrounded by a wacky cast of characters including a gangster's ditzy and talentless girlfriend (Jennifer Tilly), a tipsy actress (Dianne Wiest), and a mob hit man (Chazz Palminteri), Shayne's got to pull it all off before the curtain falls and bullets start to fly!
"Buzzes with classic one-liners, bright performances and off-the-cuff contemplations." - WASHINGTON POST
"Woody Allen at his best." - SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE"