City Island

Comedy | 2009 | US | 100 mins | English

Directed by

Raymond De Felitta


Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies, Emily Mortimer


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Like most of us, the Rizzo family have secrets.
Dad Vince won’t admit that “poker night” is in fact acting class, his daughter Vivian pole-dances when she’s supposed to be in college, and his son has a fetish that involves a 24-hour webcam and the family’s 300-pound neighbour. But when an illegitimate son appears out of the blue, Vince realizes he has bigger things to hide…
City Island is a funny, touching and smart family tale about the secrets of the past catching up with the lies of the present, and accepting that nobody’s perfect - least of all your loved ones.
"Andy Garcia, showing an untapped flair for comedy, gives one of his best and most beguiling performances." - ROLLING STONE